Recent soloists

2020       January                 violin                                   Emma Lisney

2019       October                piano                                   John Reid

2019       January                 violin                                   Emma Lisney

2019       January                 cello                                     Joy Lisney

2018       October                violin                                    Stephanie Childress

2018       January                 cello                                      Joy Lisney

2017       October                piano                                    Marie-Noelle Kendall

2017       May                       horn                                      Annemarie Federle

2017       May                       narrator                               Shelly Lange

2017       January                 piano                                    Patrick Hemmerlé

2016       October                violin                                     Agnes Daniel

2016       May                       violin                                     Harry Castle

2016       May                       piano                                    Maurice and Thanea Hodges

2016       May                       narrator                               Genevieve Helsby

2016       January                 clarinet                                 Anthony Friend

2015       October                violin                                     SongHa Choi

2015       May                       piano                                    Tom Poster

2015       January                 soprano                               Erika Mädi Jones

2014       October                piano                                    Ervin Nagy

2014       October                cimbalom                            Ed Cervenka

2014       October                viola                                      Penny Veryard

2014       July                        violin                                     Roger Coull

2014       May                       oboe                                     Janet Wrench

2014       January                 cello                                      Joy Lisney

2013       October                piano                                    Mihai Ritivoiu

2013       January                 violin                                     Madeleine Mitchell

2012       October               trumpet                                Brendan Musk

2012       October               soprano                                Philippa Boyle

2012       October               alto                                        Grace Durham

2012       October               tenor                                     Stefan Kennedy

2012       October               bass                                       Nicholas Mogg

2012       April                      piano                                   Mark Bebbington

2012       January                violin                                      Bartosz Woroch

2011       May                      clarinet                                 David Campbell

2011       January                violin                                      Miriam Kramer

2010       October               piano                                     Claire and Antoinette Cann

2010       January                soprano                                Rebecca Evans

2009       April                      horn                                      David Pyatt

2009       January                piano                                     John Lill

2008       October               mezzo soprano                   Kate Symonds-Joy

2007       March                  clarinet                                 Lesley Schatzberger

2007       January                violin                                     Matthew Trusler

2006       March                   horn                                     Guy Llewellyn

2006       January                cello                                      Natalie Clein

2005       October               violin                                     Krysia Osostowicz

2005       January                violin                                     Matthew Trusler

2004       October               soprano                               Sally Silver


Soloists prior to 2004 include:

Nigel Kennedy

Stephen Isserlis

Jill Gomez

Susan Milan

Jeremy Menuhin

Raphael Wallfisch

Boris Benezovsky

Tasmin Little